Why the Heavy Shotgun and Revolver may be unvaulted soon

While we know that Fortnite Battle Royale is getting a new item this week, other weapons may also be coming back. Two previously vaulted weapons seem like they may be returning to the game, although no official word has come from Epic.

With the recent emphasis on increased encryption of data files, we suddenly have much less information about the future of Fortnite compared to just last season. That means we have to turn to new sources to try to figure out what Epic has planned for the rest of Season 9.

Both the Revolver and the Heavy Shotgun are likely candidates for an unvaulting, but for different reasons.

Why the Heavy Shotgun may be unvaulted

We will start with the weapon that most of you probably clicked on this article for. Right now, shotguns are in a weird place in the game ever since the pump was removed. The combat shotgun is solid, but doesn’t match the power of the pump.

There are three pieces of evidence for this that make this more than just a pipe dream. The first is the image that came with the v9.01 Patch Notes.

As you can see, Stratus (second from right) is holding a Heavy Shotgun

At the time, we wrote this off as just a design choice in the loading screen, but recent changes to the reticle also show that Epic may be preparing the Heavy Shotgun for a comeback.

The final piece of evidence is the lack of shotguns in the game. Drop rates are seemingly much lower than ever before in Fortnite.

A shotgun is arguably the most essential part of any loadout in this game and drop rates should reflect that. from r/FortNiteBR

This could point towards an addition of a new shotgun into the loot pool, which is throwing off the current balance rates.

My theory is that the Heavy Shotgun was supposed to already be introduced but due to a bug or balance issues, they postponed it for a week. At the same time, they forgot to adjust loot rates to correspond to that decision.

It’s just a theory, but it would explain why the Heavy Shotgun appeared in the first patch notes and why shotguns have been scarce in loot lately.

If the Heavy Shotgun does come back, I would expect it to do more damage as the vaulted version it has the same damage stats at the combat shotgun but with a slower fire rate.

Why the Revolver may be unvaulted

Compared to the Heavy Shotgun, the Revolver seems more likely to be unvaulted based on the evidence we have. The key piece of evidence is Epic changing the stats of the Revolver of the back end. Doing that doesn’t make much sense for a vaulted weapon, unless they are planning to bring it back.

The Revolver was recently buffed; this means it could be unvaulted! from r/FortNiteBR

Two different buffs to a previously weak weapon will make it shoot faster and reload quicker. If those changes are all that happen before it comes back, it still won’t be a powerful weapon, but it will be at least a little bit better.

It’s impossible to say when these weapons will be unvaulted – if they are at all – but a meta shake up seems to be due and this week’s update is as likely as any.

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