What we think is going to happen with the Fortnite x Jordan event

Epic Games is on an amazing string of partnerships, and now there is another unique one in the works. With the past two major partnerships around the Avengers and John Wick, they made a lot of sense.

We had already seen Wick as a skin, and Avengers in Fortnite as the Thanos LTM. Both are action movies, making for a logical transfer over to the world of Fortnite.

Today’s teaser is a bit more complicated. What exactly does Jordan have to do with Fortnite?

Will there be some sort of basketball LTM added to the game? We try to answer those questions in preparation for the event which goes live tomorrow.

What we know about the Jordan Fortnite event right now

Nike is notoriously tight-lipped with their PR teams. They don’t usually let employees talk to the media, especially around secret events like this one. I was born and raised in Beaverton, Oregon the location of Nike World Head Quarters which is why I know that.

For those unfamiliar, Jordan is a subset of the Nike brand. This is effectively a Nike event, with a Jordan twist on it to promote that subsection of their brand.

This is a way to separate the mothership of Nike from a video game with guns in it, and tie it to one of their flashier smaller brands that is more willing to takes risks.

Nike and Epic have already had conversations in the past. Nike has the equipment deal for the NFL, meaning the previous batch of skins with all the NFL teams had to approved by Nike because those jersey designs are owned by the apparel manufacturer.

Still, those NFL jerseys in Fortnite did not feature the swoosh. I assume, again, due to the violence in Fortnite.

That we know from the past, a Jordan brand spokesperson has told us one other detail: That the event will center around the Air Jordan 1.

What is going to happen in the Jordan Fortnite event?

This is great timing for an event because we are reaching the end of the NBA season. The Golden State Warriors just swept my Portland Trail Blazers (rip) to advance to their fifth straight NBA finals.

The Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors are in the midst of their series to figure out who will face them.

This event will likely carry itself into the finals, perfect timing for Nike to approach Fortnite.

This is similar to how the last sporting events were handled. The soccer skins came out during the World Cup and the Football skins were introduced at the start of the NFL season and brought back for the Super Bowl.

We will definitely see some sort of cosmetic added to the game. Jonesy with Jordans possibly? Updated versions of Triple Threat and Jumpshot?

There will also probably be an LTM added. How that will work I have absolutely no idea. Maybe Jordan becomes a Thanos like figure and has special basketball abilities while everyone else tries to take him down and become him?

Maybe they will just introduce an actual way to play basketball in the game? We were able to shoot way back in Season 5, but that couldn’t really turn into a proper game mode.

One of the best theories out there is something to do with Space Jam.

The popular 90s movie featured Jordan against an alien basketball team known as the Monstars. With Space Jam 2 announced (but not coming out until 2021) that could be a focus of this event.

The cartoony style of Space Jam would translate well to Fortnite and allow for the types of wacky basketball moves that would help the sport work in a video game.

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