Visual differences between Fortnite patches v8.11 and v.8.20

Patch v8.20 came out on Wednesday, March 27th and it brought some performance upgrades which changed lighting and other visuals on console versions of the game.

PC versions of Fortnite allow players to manually changes settings to allow for differing levels of visual fidelity and performance. The same does not go for consoles unfortunately.

Epic Games, Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft do not allow players to manually select graphical settings on consoles. This has been contested issue in many games over the years as performance could be improved for those that want a smooth experience.

But enough on that. As v8.20 included some performance patches, something was bound to change visually on console versions of the game. The visual changes primarily serve to clear up the overly dark image presented on the base PS4 version of the game (images captured on PS4, possible similar changes on Xbox One/S).

Essentially, to sum up the difference, the game’s shadows been lightend up and the general contrast quality has improved. In v8.11, the visual image presented to PS4 players was quite dark and some skins could actually blend into the background of many environments.

This was a major disadvantage for players playing Gauntlet events from the console (in addition to performance issues that consoles have been experiencing for past few months). The image quality is now closer to how most PC players play the game. With most shadows drawn back and lighting settings set to simple. Of course, other graphical features were not ‘reduced.’

Some of these settings changes may impact PC players as well if the changes were done at a system-wide level. The lighter image should improve target detection on all consoles and possibly even on PC. Always a good thing in a Battle Royale game.

While no one has released an official FPS test of v8.20 as of right now, we’ve seen initial reports on performance as promising among PS4 players. We’ll add a FPS test to this article if one comes out from one of the prominent framerate testing vendors.

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