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Updates and Patch Notes

This page lists all the updates for Fortnite Battle Royale along with the base game. We’ve included information on the most important thing from each update in the table.

Click each version to see detailed patch notes on what’s new and what’s fixed!

VersionDateMajor Updates
8.01February 28, 2019Bottle Rockets Vaulted.
8.00February 28, 2019Season 8 begins.
7.40 CU1February 19, 2019Driftboard Added.
7.40February 5, 2019Infantry Rifle Added.
7.30 CU1February 5, 2019Bottle Rockets and Environmental Campfires Added.
7.30January 29, 2019Chiller Grenade Added.
7.20 CU1January 22, 2019Sneaky Snowman Added.
7.20January 15, 2019Scoped Revolver Added.
7.10 CU3January 8, 2019Suppressed Sniper Rifle Added.
7.10 CU2December 30, 2018Boom Box Added.
7.10 CU1December 23, 2018Presents Added.
7.10December 18, 201814 Days of Fortnite Challenges Event.
7.01December 11, 2018Infinity Blade added.
7.00December 6, 2018Season 7 begins.
6.31November 27, 2018Epic and Legendary Pump Shotgun.
6.30 CUNovember 20, 2018Dynamite Added, Wild West LTM.
6.30November 14, 2018Mounted Turret Added, Food Fight LTM.
6.22November 6, 2018Heavy Assault Rifle Added.
6.21November 1, 2018Balloons Added.
6.20October 23, 2018Fortnitemares begins.
6.10October 16, 2018Quadcrasher Added.
6.02October 10, 2018Quad Launcher Added.
6.01October 3, 2018Chiller Added.
6.0September 27, 2018Shadow Stones, pets, and map changes.
5.4.1September 18, 2018Port-a-Fortress Added.
5.4 CUSeptember 11, 2018Suppressed Assault Rifle added, Drum Gun vaulted.
5.4September 6, 2018High Stakes event, Grappler added.
5.3 CUAugust 31, 2018Shock Grenade added.
5.3August 23, 2018Rift-To-Go added.
5.21August 15, 2018Heavy Sniper Rifle added.
5.2August 7, 2018Double Barrel Shotgun added.
5.1 CUJuly 31, 2018Fly Explosives LTM, Guided Missile Added Back.
5.1July 24, 2018Birthday update, Compact SMG.
5.0 CUJuly 17, 2018Submachine Gun added, Tactical vaulted.
5.0July 12, 2018S5 start, ATK added, desert biome introduced.
4.5 CUJuly 3, 2018Drum Gun added.
4.5June 27, 2018Dual Pistols added.
4.4 CUJune 19, 2018Stink Bomb added.
4.4June 11, 2018Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle added.
4.3 CUJune 5, 2018Bounce Pads added, Shotgun Nerf.
4.3May 30, 2018Shopping Carts added.
4.2 CUMay 22, 2018Jetpacks added.
4.2May 16, 2018Epic and Legendary Burst Assault Rifles, Trap nerf
4.1May 8, 2018Thanos mode
4.0May 1, 2018Start of Season 4
3.6.0April 23, 2018Clinger
3.5.0 CUApril 18, 2018Light Machine Gun and 50v50 v2
3.5.0April 11, 2018Port-a-Fort
3.4.0 CUApril 4, 2018Vending Machines
3.4.0March 29, 2018Guided Missiles and Sniper Shootout v2 LTM
3.3.0March 15, 2018Remote Explosives and Blitz LTM
3.2.0March 8, 2018Teams of 20 LTM
3.1.0March 1, 2018Hunting Rifle and Lucky Landing added.
3.0.0February 22, 2018Season 3 begins.
2.5.0February 12, 2018Impulse Grenade added. SMG removed.
2.4.2February 8 , 2018Valentine’s Day event. Crossbow added.
2.4.0January 31, 2018Minigun and Cozy Campfire added to Battle Royale.
2.3.0January 25, 2018Chug Jug added.
2.2.0January 18, 2018Big map update. 
2.1.0January 10, 2018Cozy Campfire added to Save the World.
2.0.?January 2, 2018Adds Silenced Pistol. Sneaky Silencers added as limited mode.
2.0.?December 23, 2017Adds Boogie Bomb. High Explosives added as limited mode.
2.0.?December 19, 2017Adds Small Shield Potion.
1.11.0December 14, 2017Winter event, Season 2 begins.
1.10.0December 7, 201750v50 added as a limited mode. New inventory UI.
1.9.1November 29, 2017Smoke Grenades added.
1.9.0November 14, 2017Launch pad added.
1.8.2November 8, 2017Adds the Bush.
1.8.1November 2, 2017Voice chat improvements.
1.8.0October 25, 2017Halloween content, leaderboards and item store for Battle Royale.
1.7.2October 17, 2017Voice chat on PC added, 
1.7.1October 11, 2017Report cheaters, stas page.
1.7.0October 5, 2017Horde Bash added.
1.6.4September 29, 2017Assault Rifle adjustments.
1.6.3September 26, 2017Battle Royale up to the public, free to play. Duos and Squad match types now included. Adds Scoped Assault Rifle, Zapotron, Tactical Submachine Gun, and Supply Drops. 
1.6.0September 12, 2017Battle Royale mode added for public testing.
1.5.3September 1, 2017
1.5.0August 29, 2017Adds Survive the Storm.
1.4.9August 25, 2017
1.4.8August 23, 2017
1.4.7August 17, 2017
1.4.6August 16, 2017
1.4.5August 14, 2017
1.4.4August 12, 2017
1.4.3August 11, 2017
1.4.2August 9, 2017
1.4.1August 8, 2017
1.4.0August 4, 2017

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