Two Fortnite pro players caught cheating in $100,000 Blackheart Cup qualifier

Two European Fortnite players have been caught cheating in a session of the Solo Gauntlet events, with Bagel4k and sevenjoshh seen working together to eliminate enemies.

Both players are well-known among the European Fortnite scene, with sevenjoshh regarded as an up-and-coming talent, while Bagel4k qualified for and competed in the Winter Royale tournament back in December.

The pair also qualified for the Blackheart Cup which took place on March 23 and 24, competing for their share of the $100,000 prize pool.

Both players qualified for the Blackheart Cup.

Following the conclusion of the Blackheart Cup, Reddit user AugustKaonashi has posted evidence of the pair working together during the Solo Gauntlet event, despite the mode being every man for themselves.

In the clip, sevenjoshh can be seen dropping Bagel4k a Shield potion and sitting inside the same box, before working together to close in on an enemy player who was sitting inside a house.

Fortnite fans have been angered by this revelation,as it is possible that they used this tactic to secure a spot in the Blackheart Cup, which saw the top 3% of players from each region claim a place in the weekend-long tournament.

The pair originally stated that the clip was from a Duos event, but have since deleted the tweets and confirmed that it took place in a Solo competition.

Bagel4k, who finished 27th in the Blackheart Cup, has claimed that he qualified legitimately, and says that players can watch the videos of his performance in the tournament for proof that he didn’t cheat in the cup, but has no VODs for the Solo Gauntlet event in which he was caught.

Epic Games have yet to respond to the alleged cheating by the European pair, but it’s likely that the developers will punish them for their behaviour.

Fortnite’s Code of Conduct states that players must “play inside the rules,” something which Bagel4k and sevenjoshh did not do. What punishment could be handed by the developers is unknown, but it’s possible that they could be banned from future competitive tournaments.

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