Top Fortnite pros who have yet to qualify for the World Cup

The Fortnite World Cup qualifiers give players the chance to win a spot at the Finals in New York. While many pros have managed to claim a spot, some of the most popular voices have yet to secure their trip.

Any professional who wishes to compete for the $30 million dollar prize pool must first qualify. The sixth week of the qualifiers is now history, but quite a few big names have yet to qualify.

While some luck is naturally involved in a Battle Royale esport, many of these players simply are not playing to the level some would expect of them.

Top Pros who’ve yet to qualify for the FWC


Can the long-time competitor, Ninja, make it to the Finals?

Well, we have to mention the biggest Fortnite streamer and competitor because…of course we must.

Ninja draws in tens of thousands of viewers every single day, but he hasn’t been able to turn that success into competitor success (in the Fortnite World Cup). With that said, he makes more than enough money from streaming and the Finals aren’t a must for him.

Ninja is a long time esports player and has played Halo, H1Z1, PUBG, Fortnite, and even Call of Duty professionally. We would not surprised to see him at the Finals by the end of the qualifiers.


One of the few pics where you can see the lower half of Nick’s face

Nickmercs comes from a Gears of War background where he had success before retiring from the game. This was due to the series taking a bad turn with the releases of ‘Judgement’ which tanked the game’s popularity.

After this he moved on to streaming and competing online in Call of Duty. He made a name for himself in the scene on Playstation and earned lots of money from online tournaments.

With Fortnite’s release, his fame rose exponentially and he currently holds one of the highest viewerships of the game. Additionally, many players regard Nickmercs as among the best controller players in the world.

Few controller players have been able to make it into the Finals so far. The disadvantages of the controller can be harsh to overcome, but Nick has demonstrated that he can contend with the best ‘keyboarder.’ Will he and his duo ‘NioRooch’ make it?

LG SypherPK

SypherPK @ TwitchCon 2016

SypherPK has had a bright career in Fortnite so far and found great success during the early days of the Fortnite competitive.

However, as the rulesets have changed dramatically and the meta along with it, SypherPK has been placing in the great positions.

The chances of the popular streamer and content creator making it into the Finals could still even out. The player has shown to be able to clutch up in difficult moments and has taken prize money home in the past.

Can SypherPK repeat his success from the early days of Fortnite competitive Sundays or will he be left to watch the event from his couch?

Liquid Poach

He’s got the money to prove his success, but no World Cup spot yet.

Team Liquid has had immense success in almost every single esports for the past 10 years. One of their Fortnite players, Poach, is one of the highest earning Fortnite players in the world.

This success has not brought him to a qualfication spot for the World Cup however. The player is still looking for that sweet weekend where everything lines up just right.

Looking at the current tournament earnings of all players, Poach is the highest player who has yet to qualify. To date, Poach has earned $323,500 dollars winning tournaments in Fortnite.

The player still has four weeks to go before we can count him out. It’s safe to say that Poach will likely still put on an epic performance in the coming weeks.


‘Epic! Your game sucks!’

He hates the game. He despises the devs. He…can’t make it into the Fortnite World Cup even if he tried with every fiber of his being. He also isn’t a professional Fortnite player.

We’re only joking about this one, naturally. The Doc has said on several occasions that he would play the Arena Mode in order to play in the Qualifiers, but has rage quite multiple times before reaching the requirements.

Though, it would be an interesting experience to have the Doc come cast some games of Fortnite’s patented endgame build fights. Maybe to throw in a few mentions of ‘Looney Tunes’ or ‘Duck Tales.’

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