Third Fortnite instadeath location has been discovered

Starting with Fortnite Season 8 there have been two instadeath locations discovered and now there are reports of a third one being discovered.

Fortnite has always had its share of bugs and issues but nothing has been quite as severe as Season 8 has been so far.

Two instadeath locations have been discovered in the game where players would step on them and instantly be eliminated, no matter what their original health was at.

Now there are reports of a third instadeath location coming in and it’s in another pretty random location.

This new spot is located near the new volcano point of interest and it doesn’t really have any noteworthy landmark near it that indicate your impending doom is incoming.

In a video posted to Reddit by user charis38, we see the location of the new spot which is located a little ways away from a small structure near the lava river from the volcano.

The player sees a pile of loot near the spot so goes over to it in the Baller vehicle, which actually keeps him safe.

There are now three instadeath locations in Fortnite.

Hopping out of the Baller is what leads to the player’s demise and adds even more loot to the pile. It looks like this player wasn’t the first one to discover this location on that map.

Epic Games originally made a comment saying the team is looking into the initial instadeath location but hasn’t addressed the second and now the third one.

It’s possible this could be patched out in a future update so stay tuned. 

In the meantime, it’s best to avoid this area of the map.

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