Third and Final Fortnite Season 9 Teaser Released

Epic Games has now released the third Season 9 teaser image along with another mysterious message about the future. What will Season 9 bring to Fortnite?

Since Monday, May 6th, Epic Games has been releasing teasers for the upcoming Season 9. Each brings a glimpse at a new Battle Pass skin along with a small note such as “Future is bright.”

The third and newest of the teasers was just released via the official Fortnite Twitter account.

Third Season 9 teaser

Epic Games has given us a third look at Season 9 through a new teaser. The tweet is similar to the previous two with an image laid into a letter and a white background.

Season 8 will end early on Thursday morning as the downtime begins for Season 9. We expect downtime to begin at 5AM EST as usual, but this could still change depending on Epic’s plans.

The three images spell out ‘NEO’ referencing new or futuristic upgrades to Fortnite. It is unknown whether this only includes skins or a wider futuristic aesthetic.

The teaser phrase ‘The Future is Tilted’ is a reference to the rebuilding of Tilted Towers in some form. No leaks have been released about the restructuring of the zone, but a recent ‘Techno Towers’ Creative map promoted by Epic could hint at things to come.

Presumably, this third teaser is the last glimpse we will get at Season 9 content before its release. Though leaks could be possible, the next official information will more than likely come with the release of the Season 9.

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