The official Season 9 end and Season 10 start dates leaked

According to a new PS4 event listing, we have the official end date for Season 9. The season looks to be a little longer than past seasons due to the World Cup Finals.

Season 9 will begin on Thursday, May 9th with downtime presumably starting at around 5AM EST for its patch.

While that’s exciting news and we can’t wait to see what Epic has in store, the official end date for the season has also been released.

Official Season 9 End Date

Every season comes to an end at some point. Most seasons have been 10 weeks long with a few featuring an extra week to complete battle pass challenges.

Season 8 will end at exactly the 10 week mark with no extra time added. Season 9 looks to be a little bit longer according to a PS4 store event listing.

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As you can see, Season 9 will end on Thursday, August 1st. This suggests that Season 9 will be 12 weeks long instead of the typical 10 weeks.

This information seems to be legit as it would make sense due to the World Cup Finals. The Fortnite World Cup Finals was originally thought to be played in Season 10, but it was later confirmed by Epic that they will ensure that the event is played during Season 9.

Extending the season by two weeks would allow the event to fall into this new window. This will help with maintaining the skill level of the event and disallow any fluke victories. While the constant updates may be fun for casual players, they negatively impact the competitive learning curve of the game.

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