The final four Overtime Challenges & Rewards are now Unlocked!

The final four Overtime challenges and rewards are now available to complete.

Click here for the complete list of Overtime Challenges and tips on completing them.

The last of Fortnite’s Overtime Challenges debuted this morning, bringing the total to 20. Completing just 13 of these challenges will earn you a free Season 8 Battle Pass. For Season 7 Battle Pass owners, completing 5/10/15 challenges will unlock new customization options for Drift, Torg and Onesie (three skins from this season’s Battle Pass.)

  • Play matches of Driftin’ with a friend (3)
  • Thank the Bus driver in different matches (7)
  • Search chests or ammo boxes at a racetrack or a dance club (7)
  • Outlast 75 opponents in a single match (1)

Upon completing thirteen of the twenty Overtime challenges, players will get the Season 8 Battle Pass for free. Other rewards for the Overtime challenges include different styles of three Battle Pass skins, a wrap, two loading screens, a vine contrail and a bunch of Season XP.

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