The best answers from 72hrs AMA on competitive Fortnite

Tom ’72hrs’ Mulligan is quickly becoming one of the most popular competitive Fortnite players in the game.He went on Reddit to answer a bunch of questions from fans eager to learn more about how he got so good at Fortnite.

The Reddit AMA is here where you can see all his answers and the different questions that were asked but I will be highlighting some of the most interesting responses below. Some of the answers and questions are cut down for the sake of brevity.

Question from AshxRobin: “Do you think each duo should have an in game leader who makes the final call to avoid you and your teammate from arguing which play to make?”

Answer: “It depends on the duo most likely but what works for me is having two people capable of making the right calls and trusting one another to go with those calls or quickly make adjustments. If there is no trust in your duo’s calls, there’s gonna be fights/arguments about what to do which will just end up working against you. It’s important to find someone you mesh with as most calls one of you will make will just be confirmation to what you’re already thinking,” 72hrs explained. Then he explained how that situation could play out in hypothetical with his teammate Vivid:

“Vivid: “Block them off, it’s gonna go on the side of this hill and we’ll be able to out HP them from zone.” followed up by me saying “Take my two campfires, you have more health and I can go lower to do damage/block another layer.”

Question from Rishaygupta: What made you decide to leave FaZe and join Liquid?

Answer: “Before I left FaZe, Cloak and I weren’t nearly as close as I would say were are now (leaving the team made you guys closer lolwut?) But yeah, it did. I would say we have a really good friendship now and I consider one of him my best friends. But back in the day, I didn’t really feel like I belonged and the team synergy felt really off with Cloak, Spacelyon, Jaomock, and I. So between the rifts among the team and our performances, it felt like the right decision in my gut. I felt like Chap, Strafesh0t, and Poach were really great players that I knew I got along with.”

And it definitely wasn’t an easy decision. Leaving Cloak when he’s the one that brought me into the scene in the first place felt really awful, but he told me “if you ever had the chance to join the best team, you should” and I did what I thought was best for me. I don’t have any issues or bad blood with FaZe or Cloak. They’re a great org and I’m very grateful they let me do what I thought was best for me at the time. There are always things that you can wish went differently with handling situations, but the best thing you can do is learn from it and move on.”

​It was a rough time for me mentally during this time. Just a lot of uncertainty of the future for the game and my career. A lot of disparaging comments were thrown my way by the public while I was just offline grinding Fortnite. That’s all I want to say on the subject.”

Question from jeddawi5304: Are you going play with Chap for the World Cup or are you going to play with Vivid for the World Cup as you guys make a great duo? And whose idea was it to mix up the duos for the World Cup?

Answer: “World cup qualifiers are in about a month and since Vivid and I have been doing well, I imagine we will be duoing for it, but you’d have to ask him. As of now, I am most comfortable playing with Vivid as I think he’s insane at the game and has really great decision making/synergy as a duo.”

​I wanted to try duos with Vivid about a month before ESL Katowice, but Poach and maybe? Vivid had concerns that we wouldn’t be able to practice enough for the event prior to swapping duos.”

​Chap is a very intelligent player, but our schedules were conflicting to the point where we would almost never get to practice and if we did play we would just troll each other so it became really unproductive for both of us.”

Question from maydog916: If you win 1 mil at the world cup what is your first purchase?

Answer: My mother always talks about how she wants to get an “animal sanctuary” and save all the animals she can, so if I won a ton of money, I’d do that for her. Otherwise, I’d invest it and live the same way I live now.

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