Tfue lawsuit reveals yet another FaZe Clan legal battle

A new report from The Blast disclosed new information regarding a 2018 lawsuit which accused FaZe Clan of breaking into Hubrick’s corporate offices and raiding them in the middle of the night.

The Blast published an article on June 5 revealing that FaZe Clan was in another legal battle in 2018 with failed social media platform Hubrick. According to the article, FaZe’s lawsuit with Hubrick is a major point of attention for Tfue’s team.

FaZe vs Hubrick

Hubrick and FaZe Clan formed a relationship which included the addition of current CEO of FaZe, Lee Trink.

According to the lawsuit which was filed in 2018, Hubrick claims that FaZe Clan performed in “an unabashed theft of a business by a group of its employees, officers, directors, and joint venture partners. In what amounts to an overnight corporate raid.”

IMG: The Blast

Hubrick’s lawsuit alleges that FaZe went into their corporate offices and took “dozens of computers and gaming stations, come of the office furniture, all of the data available to it on the computers, and left it ransacked as little more than piles of empty boxes of expensive electronics and cleared-off desks.”

The Blast included pictures that were used in the lawsuit, which included images of the referenced pile of empty boxes. The pile includes several empty PlayStation 4, ThermalTake, and monitor boxes.

Hubrick is seeking an amount that “exceeds $1 million.”

Why does it matter to Tfue?

FaZe Clan’s 2018 lawsuit is important to Tfue’s legal team who are in their own battle with the esports organization.

IMG: Tfue

The Blast claims that the lawsuit Hubrick filed against FaZe Clan is an example of how the company was poorly run at the time. All we can do is sit back and see if FaZe Clan or any of their owners will make a statement.

When Tfue’s lawsuit became public, FaZe Clan owner Banks went on a rapid-fire tweet spree sharing his emotional thoughts.

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