Strange pirate anchor found buried under Fortnite’s Dusty Divot

Excavation work has continued at Dusty Divot, with Fortnite fans discovering a large anchor buried in the dirt at the location, likely tying in to Fortnite’s overarching Season 8 story.

Epic Games regularly update and refresh the Fortnite map throughout the season, adding new locations and remodelling areas around the island.

Epic Games do this as a way of keeping the game fresh, in the hope that Fortnite players won’t grow bored of the areas in which they battle if they are constantly evolving.

What’s going on at Fortnite’s Dusty Divot?

Throughout Season 8, excavation sites have appeared across the map, including one inside Dusty Divot, which can be found near the center of the island. A number of trucks and diggers can be seen parked around a large dig site, which had previously acted as part of the lab that appeared there following the meteor crash.

These sites have appeared in a number of locations, with Fortnite players able to use their harvesting tools to help break down the dirt that sits on top to reveal what’s hidden. The dig sites had already been leaked, but what was underneath remained unknown.

Dig sites have appeared across Fortnite’s map.

What has been found at Dusty Divot?

Fortnite players who head to Dusty Divot will be able to peer into the massive hole that’s been burrowed into the landscape at Dusty Divot, but might be surprised by what they see.

While Lazy Lagoon in the north of the map is widely regarded as the Pirate outpost in Fortnite, a large anchor has been uncovered by the machinery, much to the confusion of fans.

An anchor has appeared in the excavation site at Dusty Divot.

What does the anchor at Dusty Divot mean?

It’s currently unclear what the anchor found at Dusty Divot means, but it’s almost certainly part of the overarching theme for Season 8, which includes Pirates as a part.

The discovery seems to indicate that while Fortnite fans may have only become aware of pirates in the world of Fortnite at the start of Season 8, they may have been on the map for a long time – perhaps even before we were.

Only time will tell what these sites and the items found there have to do with the rest of Season 8, but it’s unlikely that Fortnite fans will have to wait too long to find out.

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