Storm Flip to be disabled in Fortnite World Cup Week 9 Online Opens

Epic Games has announced via the Competitive Fortnite subreddit that the newly added Storm Flip item will be disabled in the upcoming week of the World Cup qualifiers.

The storm flip was added to Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode on June 6th as a part of the v9.20 update. The item’s addition has been a controversial topic in the competitive Fortnite community who feel that game-changing items should not have a place in a competitive environment before players have time to learn the changes.

Epic seemingly understands this sentiment and has provided the following blog post on Reddit…

Hey folks,

We will be temporarily be disabling the Storm Flip for this weekend’s tournament. All regions will play the Week 9 Fortnite World Cup Online Open with the Storm Flip disabled.

Additionally, the Storm Flip will be temporarily disabled in the Arena playlists until the weekend tournament concludes. This hotfix will be rolling out shortly later tonight, and you will not need to download or patch your client.

All other modes will continue to have Storm Flip enabled during this weekend.

Best of luck!

Epic Games
Storm Flip

Power of the storm in the palm of your hands! Hurls a grenade that creates a Storm in the Safe Zone, or creates a Safe Zone in the Storm.

Below you can watch the trailer for the Storm Flip, which shows the game-changing mechanics of the new item.

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