Shadow Bomb glitch lets players use weapons while permanently invisible

Epic Games introduced a new Shadow Bomb item to Fortnite Battle Royale with the v8.51 patch, but it has had some unintended consequences so far that look destined to disrupt online matches. 

The new Shadow Bomb item allows players to become invisible and even double jump, allowing them to sneak around on their opponents. This new feature was only intended to keep players safe from opponents, meaning weapons are supposed to be disabled when the item is used. 

However, major problems have already surfaced as players have managed to find an exploit which not only allows them to stay invisible for the entire match, but also use their guns at the same time. 

This isn’t the first time an invisibility item has experienced issues in Fortnite Battle Royale – as seen with the Shadow Stones from Season 6.

This could be game-breaking

This Fortnite player discovered the glitch after being eliminated by a friend while invisible and then respawning invisible with full use of his guns.

The intended use of the Shadow Bomb is to go invisible for escaping or sneaking – you aren’t able to shoot or build while invisible. Yet, this glitch found a way around it.

Here is a video from Willzo495 showing the glitch in action.

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