Reboot Vans coming to Fortnite in patch v8.30

The Reboot/Respawn Vans have been floating around inside the game’s files for a long time. Epic has finally released confirmation of its official release schedule.

Reboot Vans will finally be arriving to Fortnite after a long, long wait. The new feature will arriving in the next patch, v8.30.

Epic Games released the news of the massive change to the game on their Twitter. The tweet came in the afternoon on April 5th.

The tweet features a video Dev Update from the Epic Games team. Community Manager Nathan Mooney shows up, dressed as a banana, to explain how the new mechanic will work.

Important Points of Interest like Tilted Towers, Polar Peak, and Dusty Divot will include the Respawn Vans nearby. The vans are not quite that simple though.

Whenever a squad mate dies, they will drop a Reboot Card on their loot pile. The card must be grabbed and then brought to one of the vans.

To balance the new mechanic, the Van will let out a visual and audio cue informing people in a wide radius about the activation. It will even inform the number of players coming back onto the field.

Players will not spawn in the air or in a Battle Bus, they will spawn on a pad directly on top of the van. Multiple people can be respawned at once if you are carrying several reboot cards.

The Reboot Van enters a cooldown period after it has been used, so you’ll want to peel enemies away from Vans if you intend on using them. The cooldown period length is still unknown.

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