Planes are coming back to Fortnite according to a new leak

Fortnite’s v8.30 update was released and The Baller was left untouched, the word revert wasn’t found, but at least we have this.

A leaked challenge file that was added in v8.30 contains the text “destroy biplanes.”

We don’t have any more context than that. The planes returning could be only in an LTM, but usually, challenges are not relegated exclusively to those modes.

Now that Fortnite finally has Arena Mode for competitive play, the planes may be coming back exclusively to the main game. But if that is what Epic is planning, why haven’t they done the same thing to The Baller which is causing headaches in Arena Mode?

As the seasons have gone on, I have become less and less confident of what Epic is planning with the future of their game. At this point, it really feels like all bets are off. Will the World Cup Finals be planes vs. ballers vs. the Infinity Blade vs. Thanos? I have no idea but I’m not ruling it out at this point.

We do know a couple of things from earlier leaks that can help inform us of what the planes will look like this time. One key new mechanic we can assume will be adding is a fuel meter.

A fuel warning icon was found in the game files back in the v8.00 update and back then I examined how refueling of vehicles could change Fortnite.

With this new leak, it seems most likely that the fuel gauge is tied to the planes. This helps prevent them from just flying around in circles in the late stages of competitive matches.

As with any leak, we verify that it comes from a legit source, but we can’t guarantee that a leak will 100% be in the game at some point. Usually, they are added, but not always.

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