Overtime Challenge: Thank the Bus driver in different matches

This challenge requires players to thank the bus driver in seven different matches. This is a special challenge we’ve seen before, during the free holiday challenges (the 14 days of Fortnite) though that time you had to thank the bus driver in eleven different matches, so this is a tiny bit easier.

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In any case, many people probably don’t even know what that means or how to do it, hence this guide. It’s fairly simple, actually, the real trick is remembering to do it before you leave the Battle Bus. Here’s how to thank the bus driver on every platform:

  • On PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch simply press down on the D-Pad while in the Battle Bus. That’s the lower button on the left side of your controller. You’ll see your gamertag pop up on the screen followed by “thanked the bus driver.” He never says “You’re welcome” but we know he (or she) appreciates it.
  • On mobile, you’ll see an icon while riding in the bus. Tap it to thank the bus driver.
  • On PC simply press the “B” key.

Hope this guide has helped!

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