Ninja criticizes streamers who “hate” on games constantly

Mixer streaming sensation, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, has called out content creators and influencers for shaming video games and supporting a “rage culture” alongside explaining why it needs to stop.

The video games industry is booming and bigger than ever. However, that doesn’t stop plenty of people from far and wide critiquing their game, including some of the biggest personalities, such as influencers and content creators.

While their efforts are often a plea for the developers behind said video game to fix an issue, the respective size of their platform (i.e., following) can amplify an issue tenfold. With that in-mind, Ninja has called for a more positive outlook when attempting to provide feedback on a video game.

After a heated online engagement, Brett ‘dakotaz’ Hoffman hit out at Ninja after being called out by the Mixer star for criticizing Fortnite in a Tweet. 

Given that Blevins has been directed to ‘stay in his lane’ by Hoffman, the Mixer star has responded with a full-length Twitter video to “clear [his] opinions” on the statements which he has made “about people who are negative towards video games.”

The 28-year-old opened by stating: “I don’t think that a lot of content creators, I don’t think a lot of influencers realize the power that they have and honestly, the influence that they have…”

Regardless of the game in question, Ninja explained that there are “positive ways to go about expressing your opinion,” while drawing a comparison to how some influencers may utilize their platforms (such as Instagram or Twitter) to post their negative thoughts which could be taken out of context. 

“When you take the time to go out of your way to post on social media and without full context of really explaining what you don’t like about something. For example, just saying ‘oh, the game ‘effing’ sucks, Tweet it out… Boom, it’s only hurting you… It doesn’t help anyone.”

Blevins then went on the imply that “nothing good happens” when negative comments are directed at a game that essentially supports their career, aside from potentially getting more interactions on their social media. “Since we live in a rage culture where everyone wants to hop on board negative sh*t, you just get a bunch of retweets and likes,” Ninja clarified.

This comes as the Mixer streamer probed comments made by Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney, which hurled hate towards Fortnite — as Tenney labeled it a “dying” game. 

Ninja also gained the attention of Modern Warfare developers, following a Tweet that questioned the changes made to the fan-favored game mode, Gunfight. 

While influencers will likely continue to vent their frustrations regarding a specific issue in a game, Blevins will be hoping that his effort won’t be in vain, and that streamers will seek to use their platforms to spread positivity as opposed to hating on a video game.

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