Ninja announces winners of the fourth Creative World Cup Trial

Each of the five Creative World Cup contests has a host that runs and oversees the event. Ninja was the host of the third event and has now revealed the winners of the contest.

The Creative World Cup is a trial event running alongside the Fortnite World Cup. Players can attempt to impress and qualify by completing various challenges for the host on the pre-designed map.

Ninja was the host of the third Creative World Cup event and has now announced the winners of said event. These finalists will head to New York to be a part of the Fortnite World Cup festivities.

Ninja reveals fourth Creative Cup winners

The fourth Creative Cup’s time limit ended on May 23rd and everyone has been eagerly waiting for Ninja to release the results of the tournament.

He did so through a Youtube video release where he takes a look at some of best clips and then cuts to his final decisions at the end.

The finalists from the third event are as follows:

  • Taldak723
  • FaZe Kaz
  • Taco (‘with a weird T’)

You can see their clips in the video above and as well Ninja’s opinions on the clips.

Some of the clips are of absolute impossible feats and insane trickshots that would make any fan of old school CoD trick-shotting drool. Well played to all contestants!

Ninja mentioned towards the end of the video that he never wants to (but also kinda does want to) do something like this again. The pressure of deciding who gets to go to New York is a big responsibility, but we think he did a fine job in the end.

These three players will represent Ninja at the Fortnite World Cup. The event/trial is already well underway and is being hosted by the French streamer, Gotaga.

Check out our Creative Cup article to see details on that event and how to join the trials if you are interested. You can also hop in-game to try out the maps for the trials by heading into a Creative or Playground lobby.

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