Ninja and PewDiePie are teaming up for Friday Fortnite

KEEMSTAR’s return of Friday Fortnite last week was an absolute success with drama, action and a lot of laughs. The highlight had to be rapper Tory Lanez somehow winning game after game even against great players like Aydan.

Those players said that he wasn’t the one playing and the rapper released a hilarious video calling out the Fortnite community for not believing that he was playing as well as he did.

With so much drama and a staggering 10 million unique viewers, week two of Friday Fortnite will have a bar to pass. Week two is off to a good start as KEEMSTAR tweeted out that Ninja and PewDiePie will be duoing together.

Two of the largest gaming presences in the world will be taking on the bracket together, and it seems like Mr. Beast has bribed KEEMSTAR into being their first-round matchup.

KEEMSTAR as the host of Drama Alert is quite possibly the worlds foremost expert on how to stir the pot. That ability was on hand during the first Friday Fortnite as he teamed up Ceeday and Noah, two players who got into a fight a couple of months ago.

It will be interesting to see what matchups he concocts this time around to stoke the drama and make for an interesting matchup.

Topping Tory Lanez popping off on social media while players accuse him of cheating will be tough to beat, but a duo of Ninja and PewDiePie has some seriously strong meme potential.

This is week two of the revamped Friday Fortnite which is being funded by the $60,000 FaZe Banks claims the organization took from Tfue, with $20,000 being spread out over three different weeks.

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