New teaser released for Fortnite Season 8 Discovery skin

Each Fortnite Season, Epic grants dedicated players a unique skin for completing weeks of challenges in the season’s Battle Pass. Epic has released an all new teaser for Season 8’s Discovery Skin on April 5.

In every Season of Fortnite in recent memory, players who complete a certain number weeks in the Battle Pass are gifted an exclusive skin by Epic Games.

The skin is usually revealed a little ahead of time to build up the hype. The reveal allows players to decide whether or not the grind is worth all the trouble.

Epic Games has just released a new teaser and confirmation for the Season 8 Battle Pass Discovery. It’s safe to say that you’re gonna want to get those weeks completed in Season 8.

The skin has obvious roots in the Season 8 theme of lava and fire. The armor of the character glows like hot magma. The setup also includes menacing spikes, made for what seems to be black steel or wrought iron.

It’s a little bit of a twist on the Fort Knight set of the skins from the beginning of Fortnite’s rise to glory. You can definitely see the inspiration the artists took from the popular Black Knight skin. Though the ‘Ruin’ skin is much, much more ‘evil’ in its appearance.

You’ll need to completed eight weeks of Battle Pass challenges in Season 8 to unlock the skin according to Epic Games.

You can check out our dedicated article on Week 6 Challenges here. We also have guides on some of the more tricky challenges like finding the 5 highest elevations in Fortnite and visiting all three giant animal sculptures.

We’ll let you get to it then. If you have already completed all six weeks up until this point, you are in good shape. If not, get back on the Island and grind for what seems to be the best Discovery skin yet.

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