New leaks confirm Fortnite Harley Quinn skin

Fortnite X Birds of Prey is likely the next crossover event to end Season 1 with a Harley Quinn skin. For those who don’t know, rumors of a Fortnite X Birds of Prey crossover and Harley Quinn skin began in late January on Twitter.

Warner Brothers tweeted a photo of the film’s cast, to which the official Fortnite account replied, “See you soon Harley!” Warner Brothers wrote, “Can’t wait!” in response.

This was a strong indication that Birds of Prey – and Harley Quinn, specifically – would be making its way into the Fortnite universe at some point. At the time, I also theorized that this crossover could be part of the reason that Epic extended Season 1.

Birds of Prey releases on February 7, which is one day after Season 1 was scheduled to end. As I wrote in my original article, it makes more sense to end the season with a crossover than it does to begin Season 2 with one.

As it turns out, my theory may have been correct. Leaker ShiinaBR has received some inside information about the Fortnite Harley Quinn skin. According to a source, the skin will come out on February 6 with an unlockable style and two new pickaxes.

As ShiinaBR stated in a follow-up tweet, we shouldn’t take this news as fact just yet. At the very least, though, the date makes perfect sense in relation to the release of Birds of Prey.

So, assuming that Harley Quinn makes her way into Fortnite, will you be grabbing the skin? Let us know in the comments.

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