Luxe Cup Replays Available for Testing

The Fortnite World Cup is right around the corner! With this event looming, we are constantly working on improving our broadcasting tools so that anyone can hop into the action as a spectator.

Starting today as a trial run, we’d like to share with players a plethora of replays for wider testing of our work-in-progress spectating system. This initial test will allow anyone on PC the ability to grab, and view the full replays of some of the high intensity matches that occur during the Luxe Cup. We’re excited to see VoD reviews, montages, highlights, and other creative content from the community during this first public test.

Replay files of every Luxe Cup match this weekend will be added to the Google Sheets below. (Please note, as these files are quite large, they may take some time to load).

Anyone is able to tune into these matches for their own content; simply save the desired available match replay to the replay folder. Follow the guide below to get started:

  • Click on the desired replay file from within one of the sheets above.
  • This will open a browser tab, which will start an automatic download of the replay file.
  • Navigate in-game to the “Career” tab then “Replays”.
  • Click on “Open Replay Folder” button at the bottom right to bring up File Explorer and the replay folder.
  • Move the downloaded replay file from Step 2 into the folder opened in Step 4.
  • The replay should now be able to be played in-game, by going to “Career” then “Replays” on the main menu within Fortnite Battle Royale.

Remember, our replay tools are still a work in progress and have some wet paint, so please give us your feedback as we work to polish and add features over the next few iterations. We’ll continue to add more replay files here as the Luxe Cup progresses, and will have more replay links available on an upcoming blog post early next week!

Luxe Cup | Day 1

Luxe Cup | Day 2

Credit: EpicLoomin

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