Leaked skins and cosmetic items from the Fortnite v8.40 update

Fortnite’s v8.40 update is now live, and it brings a host of new skins, pickaxes, back bling, gliders and more that are set to be released in the game in the near future. Dataminers have already begun scouring through the game’s files to find them, so fans can get an early look at what’s to come.


The Fortnite v8.40 patch saw the reintroduction of one of the game’s most controversial items, with the X-4 Stormwing plane making it’s return to the game as part of the brand new Air Royale Limited Time Mode.

Also included were two new variants of the Infantry Rifle, alongside a number of bug and performance fixes that Epic Games hope will improve quality of life for fans of the popular battle royale title.

Planes are back in the Fortnite v8.40 update.

While a large number of Fortnite fans will be excited by what Epic Games have announced for this update, data miners have already started to sift through the update files in search of hints as to what could be taking place in Fortnite.

In the process, they have found a number of new cosmetic items that will be introduced to the game’s Item Shop in the near future, which are always a popular hit among fans who want to make their character stand out from the crowd.

While these items have been added to the game in the v8.40 update, there is no guarantee that they will ever make an appearance in the game, with Epic Games often choosing to hold back cosmetics and other items.

There is no official timeline for their release, but it’s likely that most of them will appear in the Item Shop over the course of the next week.

You can view all leaked cosmetics from the Fortnite v8.40 update below. Thanks to @lucas7yoshi_, @HYPEX, @xkleinmikex, @PXLPAT_YT, and @FireMonkeyFN for these leaks.

Leaked cosmetic items from the Fortnite v8.40 update


Gemini (two styles)

Prepare for interstellar hops.

Supersonic (four styles)

Approaching mach speed.

Back Bling

Cyro Hops (two styles)

This bunny’s just chilling.

This bunny’s just chilling.

Guage (reactive)

Targets engaged. (Reactive: Displays number of eliminations in a match.)



Classic camo hits the spot.


Callsign Skull

Show your style.

Callsign Wolf

Show your style.

Callsign Falcon

Show your style.

Callsign Hornet

Show your style.


Show your style.

Data miners are still searching through the Fortnite v8.40 files, and we’ll be sure to update this post with any new cosmetics that are released. 

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