Leaked Fortnite loading screens for Week 5 and 6 could hint at season 9 story

The loading screens for week five and six of Fortnite Season 9 have been leaked, hinting at a number of different things – including weather and a possible new storyline.

The v9.20 update for Fortnite Battle Royale was released by Epic Games on June 6, adding the brand new Storm Flip item as the biggest change. As ever, the developers added little tweaks to the map and weapons, but they also add files that are set to be released at a later date.

These files are always set upon by dataminers and leakers who are looking for anything that might give players an idea about the future of the game. They’ve already revealed a huge amount of cosmetics and the Horde Rush LTM, but now the next set of in-game loading screens have surfaced.

The Storm Flip item allows players to harness the storm.

The new loading screens help tell the story of the season, often dropping hints about what is yet to come. Some include unreleased skins, while others display popular in-game looks. It just depends on what location they’re hiding.

That’s no different for week five as a mysterious figure appears to take control of the weather while riding the Slipstream system. The character can be seen conjuring up lightning in their right-hand while players try to complete their landings behind them.

As these loading screens tell the story of the season, fans have already theorized that the shadowy figure could be some sort of invader.

A complete view of the Week Five loading screen from Fortnite Season 9.

In contrast, the week six loading screen – which is named Sure Shot – shows a female character conducting a meeting on a rooftop of NEO Tilted.

While the meeting is happening in the darkness of night, rains can be seen falling all around the on-screen skins. On the flip side of the possible invaders storyline, it appears as if the meeting may be centered around a sort of resistance team that could fight off any new enemies.

A full look at the Week Six loading screen.

These loading screens also have a hidden hint about the location of an upcoming hidden battle star. So, eagle-eyed fans will be able to get ahead of the game once they are officially released.

However, if you’ve been unable to spot the clues, don’t worry. FortniteCrypt will have guides on where to find the banner or battle stars once their week officially begins.

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