Lava Legends pack coming to Fortnite!

A new pack has been leaked following the Fortnite v8.20 patch update. The Lava Legends pack appears to be releasing soon!The Lava Legends pack is expected to include 2 Skins, 2 Back Bling, and a Glider. All of the cosmetics included in the pack are newly added following the v8.20 update.

Lava Legends pack now available in the Fortnite store for $19.99.

An official release date and price have not be announced or leaked, however, details on all of the included cosmetics have seemingly been leaked.

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Lava Legends

Bring the heat this season with the Lava Legends pack!

The following is a list of all cosmetics included in the Lava Legends pack…

Molten Battle Hound (Legendary Outfit)
Release the molten hound!
Molten Valkyrie (Legendary Outfit)
A fiery revelation.
Molten Crested Cape (Legendary Back Bling)
Molten and courageous.
Molten Valkyrie Wings (Legendary Back Bling)
Burning winds prevail.
Lavawing (Legendary Glider)
Awoken by a violent eruption.

An Epic Magma Wrap was added to the Fortnite files in a previous patch. While it would seem to be a part of the Lava Legends pack, leaked assets indicate that this is not the case.

Though unconfirmed, it appears that the highly sought-after Magma Wrap will be available for purchase via the Fortnite Item Shop.

Magma (Epic Wrap)
Show your style.

What are your thoughts on the Lava Legends pack? Do you plan to purchase it once it becomes available?

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