Keemstar Friday Fortnite tournament returning on behalf of FaZe Clan

Update: The official date for the first returning Friday Fortnite tournament has been set and confirmed for Friday, May 31st! UMG is also running smaller tournaments to help small streamers get their ‘clout’ up.

Friday Fortnite was where competitive Fortnite really started to take off. The UMG events will be returning with big prize pools due to a massive donation from FaZe Clan.

As a show of support for the Fortnite competitive community and as proof of their willingness to ‘spend money to make money’, FaZe Clan will be donating money to restart Friday Fortnite.

The events will be coordinated by UMG as before with funding from FaZe Clan.

FaZe Clan funds Friday Fortnite’s return

After the Tfue lawsuit debacle began to unfold, FaZe Banks went on the ‘DramaAlert’ show and wanted to explain/refute some of the claims made by Tfue.

While details on that case can found in our main article about the situation, FaZe Banks did have another piece of massive news to give to fans.

As a way of showing his and FaZe Clan’s willingness to spend money on esports and competitive gameplay, he announced that FaZe Clan would fund the return of Friday Fortnite.

FaZe Clan will be donating $60,000 dollars for the tournaments to return. The events will be run, as before, by UMG. These tournaments will return for a period of three weeks.

You can expect many of the big streamers and pros to play in these tourneys.

The first tourney will take place on May 31th according to Keemstar’s latest tweet. The $60,000 dollars is representing the money FaZe Clan made from their contract with Tfue…a player who has made millions through streaming and competing under the FaZe name.

What is Friday Fortnite?

Friday Fortnite – via @Keemstar & UMG

If you are a little newer to the Fortnite scene, you might know what this ‘Friday Fortnite’ is all about. It was essentially the biggest rotation of tournaments before Epic Games took over the majority of the scene with in-game tournaments and rulesets.

Fortnite does not have private or custom matches. For this reason, these tournements had players go into public lobbies on their respective console and compete against each other for kills.

The opposing duos would party up in the same lobby and then enter a match. The duos are not allowed to ‘mess’ with the other duo ie. knocking down their builds and stuff like that.

Whichever team could get the most kills in a two-match series would be the winner. If the teams were tied for kills, the result would be decided via survival placement.

We presume that the new Friday Fortnite tournaments will follow this same ruleset. The games were very popular and fast-paced for the entire match. The matches are completely different from the official competitive Fortnite.

The only true downside of the event format is the fact that they will play against randoms in public lobbies. There is a lot of luck involved with who the players will run into and how good the randoms in the Squads lobby are.

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