How your Fortnite controls decide who you match with

With the Fortnite v8.10 patch matchmaking was changed to make player pools more fair depending on the type of controller you use. Epic combined the Xbox and PS4 pools to make cross-platform a requirement to play the game on console. They also moved Switch and Mobile to the same pool, even if the Switch player is using a controller.

These changes are obviously a bit complicated as they are a solid change from how Fortnite matchmaking operated for the previous seven seasons. Luckily, FairyTrainerLaura made a nice flowchart that encompasses these changes and answers a couple frequently asked questions from players confused about the changes.

As you can see from the graphic, the only platform that will fill you with keyboard and mouse players if you are using a controller is PC. This is because PC has a lot of game customization options that give them an advantage over console players, so having people on using controllers on PCs playing with console players on controller wouldn’t be fair.

The lowest bucket is the most questionable one. Players can play on the Nintendo Switch with a controller and be matched up against mobile players and other Switch players only. While mobile players do have some unique mechanics to level the playing field, the general consensus seems to be that using a controller on the Switch is better than touch controls on mobile.

Even players playing on mobile with a controller are put in the bucket above so it is a bit confusing that the Switch players are in the bottom bucket. Full disclosure, I don’t have a Switch and have never played Fortnite on the platform so if I am wrong and this bucket makes sense to you, please let me know in the commetns.

Hopefully this graphic helps clear up any confusion you may have from the patch that went live last week.

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