How to unlock stage 3 of The Prisoner skin in Fortnite

The Prisoner was cold, frozen in the ice for how long, he couldn’t remember. When the block thawed he broke his chains and made his way up the stairs of the wizard’s tower where he found a key inside of an old wooden desk with scrollwork etched on the front.

His eyes were covered and so he felt around with his leathery, rough hands. He pressed the key into the back of his cowl and the lock dropped away. He made his way to the southeastern desert, where he lit a fire on a sandstone mesa and sat down by its warm glow. The magma began to pulse in his veins.

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Or something like that. The point being: stage 3 of The Prisoner Skin in Fortnite: Battle Royale is now available, and also there’s a kind of narrative in this game now! Last week anyone who had completed the requisite weekly challenges in Fortnite got access to the Prisoner Skin, a wretch of a creature that had been kept in the dungeon beneath Polar Peak.

You were able to unlock Stage 2 with a key found at the top of the tower, and this morning Stage 3 was made available through a campfire in the desert, which you can see in the Week 10 Loading Screen. To unlock Stage 3, all you need to do is go find the campfire.

Here’s where you’re going:

All you need to do is land down on top of that mesa and kindle the fire to unlock stage 3. Note that you must be wearing the Prisoner skin, and that you must have stage 2 unlocked. Here’s what it looks like on the ground:


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