How to unlock Fortbyte #98: Found within a Viking Longhouse

Challenges have been a mainstay feature in Fortnite throughout all of the game’s seasons. The latest Fortbyte will have you trekking to Viking Village.

Fortbytes will continue to be added until the very end of the Season 9. The challenges have been mostly location challenges with the exception of the Battle Pass Tier and XP tasks.

If you are a player that wants to know every exclusive skin, you’ll need at least 90 Fortbytes by season’s end. This goal will land you the Singularity outfit which cannot earned after Season 9.

Fortbyte #98 Location

Number 98 will not requirement any special unlocks from your Season 9 Battle Pass. You can hop straight into a game and get to finding this collectible.

The location where you’ll be heading to is the unnamed location where the Vikings have made camp. The location has been dubbed Viking Village by the community, keeping in tune with Epic’s location name style.

Fortbyte #98 Location.

The landing path remains nice and simple here as well. We highly recommend the Team Rumble game mode for challenge completion, but you could use easily get this one done in core modes. Viking Village isn’t an overly populated drop.

The Viking longhouse in the largest building in the small town on the top of the mountain. The snow covered peak is easily located by scanning the horizon for the massive Viking ship sticking out from the mountainside.

Land at the front door of the longhouse and proceed inside. Once you’ve entered, head to the left side of the interior and the Fortbyte will be in front of you. Pick the item up using the ‘use’ button and you’re done!

Here’s a quick video from WarbyGaming showing the collection of Fortbyte #98:

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