How to unlock Fortbyte #78: Found within a ranger tower overlooking a drained lake

Fortbytes release each and every day, but the difficulty of finding each one can vary by a wide margin. Number 78 shouldn’t give players too many problems with its easy visibility.

Fortbyte challenges have been releasing constantly since the launch of Season 9. Each one brings something a little different to mix with differing locations and requirements.

They also serve as a great incentive for exploring the entire Fortnite map. In order unlock them all, you’ll have visit nearly every named and unnamed location.

Fortbyte #78 Location at Loot Lake

Alright, so where is this little troublemaker hiding? Number 78’s clue will invoke keen images in the minds of veteran Fortnite players.

‘Found within a ranger tower, overlooking a drained lake’ reads the clue for the Fortbyte.

The drained lake in question is, of course, Loot Lake. The tower referred to in the hint means the wooden outpost at the northeastern “coast” of the lake.

Fortbyte #78 Location

The tower can be seen from anywhere at Loot Lake as long as you are outside. The area around the site is wide open, so we suggest grabbing a bit of loot before venture to the zone.

If you are feeling a bit mischievous, you could knock down players from the tower by destroying the structure. In core modes, this could net you a few free kills…just something to think about.

Anyway, once you are at the tower, simply climb to the very top and collect the Fortbyte. It is located on the floor inside the top overwatch room. You can’t miss it.

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