How to unlock Fortbyte #61 ‘accessible by using Sunbird Spray on Frozen Waterfall’?

Along with the Week 5 challenges, Epic has released yet another Fortbyte for players to find. Number 61 can only be accessed by players who have unlocked the Sunbird Spray.

Fortbytes are type of collectible exclusive to Season 9 and premium Battle Pass owners. We’ve been maintaining a steady feed of guides for each of these challenges.

Each Fortbyte released after the Season 9 has been ‘location based’ which requires players to travel to a specific location on the map. Here’s a guide on where you’ll be heading for number 61.

Fortbyte #61 Location

Fortbyte #61 will have heading to the chilly parts of the Fortnite map. Before you jump into a game, let’s do a little prep work.

In order to pick up the Fortbyte, you will need to use the Sunbird Spray near it. We recommend equipping the Spray into a quick use slot for easy access. This is especially important if you are attempting this in a core mode like Solos or Duos.

The Sunbird Spray is unlocked at Battle Pass tier 26.

You’ll be heading to the unnamed location commonly referred to as ‘Viking Village.’ If you want to loot out before collecting the Fortbyte, the village contains decent loot, but could mean your death if you get unlucky.

More specifically, you will want to head to the midpoint of the frozen waterfall. There’s a massive stream of frozen water that stems from the top of the mountain.

There’s a level before the water hits the frozen river that leads to Greasy Grove. This is where you will find the Fortbyte. You’ll probably spot other players getting the collectible along with 10 Sunbird Sprays on the landscape.

For better idea of where the exact location is, here’s a video from u/MrWilliamThor on the FortniteBR subreddit.

Fortbyte #61 Location – Accessible by using Frozen Sunbird on a Frozen Waterfall from r/FortniteDisscusion

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