How to unlock Fortbyte #59: Accessible with the Durrr! emoji inside Pizza Pit

As Season 9 approaches its seventh week, another Fortbyte has arrived for players to collect. Number #59 will have players engaging in a bit of restaurant rivalry.

Each day, Epic Games releases a new Fortbyte into the Fortnite world. The collection of these artifacts is crucial for hardcore fans of Fortnite due to the rewards.

Upon completing 90/100 Fortbyte challenges, players will receive an exclusive skin. So, let’s see how you can get your hands on number 59.

Fortbyte #59 Location

Similar to many challenges in the past, 59 will require you to unlock a Season 9 Battle Pass item.

The Durrr! Emoji can be unlocked at Tier 53. If you are lagging behind in tiers, we suggest completing weekly challenges along with high placements (safe, passive gameplay) for significant boosts.

Fortbyte #59 location.

For this particular adventure, your destination will be the Mega Mall. The Pizza Pit restaurant is located inside the large eastern structure.

The tastiest spot to eat in Fortnite is not hard to spot. Simply glide in through the open top of the mall and look around for the massive ‘Pizza Pit’ sign.

Once you’ve landed, head inside the location and hop over the ordering counter. Make a sharp left 90 degree turn and Fortbyte #59 will be staring back at you. Now, use the Durrr! Emoji and it’ll unlock for pickup.

For the best visual representation of the process, here’s a neatly crafted video from HarryNinetyFour:

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