How to unlock Fortbyte #58: Accessible by using the Sad Trombone Emote at the north end of Snobby Shores

Fortbytes challenges will keep arriving in Fortnite until the end of Season 9 and if you want some exclusive rewards, you’ll need to collect them all. Lucky for you, we’ve got guides on how to find each and every one.

Challenges have been common theme in Fortnite for a long time now and Epic’s content with keeping more coming. Fortbytes give players an extra daily challenge, but they are slowly getting a bit dull.

But, with that said, you’ll need to keep collecting them in order to unlock the exclusive skin at 90/100 Fortbytes. So, let’s see where we’re heading today.

Fortbyte #58 Location

In order to collect Fortbyte #58, you will need to unlock a Season 9 Battle Pass emote. The one in question is the Sad Trombone Emote. This emote is unlocked at Battle Pass Tier 46.

Next, you will want to head toward Snobby Shores. We suggest completing this and other challenges in the Team Rumble mode.

Fortbyte #58 location.

Once you’ve landed/are close to landing, look for the front entrance to the now devastated house lot. The entrance will have a gate with a “Private Property” sign.

The Fortbyte is located directly in front of the sign. Unlike secret Battle Stars, Fortbytes can be seen from a distance. This makes locating outdoor Fortbytes like this one much easier.

For an inch by inch viewing of where you can find number 58, here’s a great video from HarryNinetyFour from Youtube.

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