How to unlock Fortbyte #50 inside mountain top castle ruins

Fortbyte’s are a daily release for Epic in Season 9 and the latest one has players searching for a castle. However, it’s not as simple as that.

Some of the Fortbyte challenges in Fortnite’s Season 9 require players to equip certain skins and emotes. Fortbyte #50 does not require such prerequisites, but does have a requirement of its own.

Fortbyte release daily with total of 100 being unlockable by the end of the Season. The more Fortbytes a player unlocks, the more of the hidden image they unlock in the Fortbyte menu.

Fortbyte #50 Location

Fortbyte 50 is located inside of the ruined castle. You can find the location directly east of Haunted Hills. The blasted out castle overlooks the location.

Fortbyte #50 Location

Once there, you will want to head to the throne room. It’s the largest room of the destroyed castle. You will find a small throne in this room. The Fortbyte can be found directly across from the throne in a small hallway.

It is tucked away into a corner of the stone walls. A bit of searching around the location will have you finding the item in no time.

There you are!

Unfortunately, that is not all. The Fortbyte can only be picked up during the night. For the easiest completion, we recommend hopping into Team Rumble matches and simply leaving until you find a match that is beginning at night.

You can also wait for the night cycle to arrive, but sometimes the wait can be longer than the Storm will permit. Essentially, it’s a bit of an RNG-fest as you cannot know what cycle will be present in each game.

We hope that the RNG day-night cycle is forever in your favor!

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