How to unlock Fortbyte #49: Found in Trog’s Ice Cave

One of Season 9’s main stamps on the history of Fortnite will definitely be the challenge of collecting all 100 Fortbytes. So, again, it’s time to go looking for another of these rectangular treats.

We are now past the mid way point of Season 9, but the amount of challenges to be completed is getting no less daunting. Every day Epic delivers new content for players to complete alongside their regular games.

Remember, your efforts will be rewarded with a yet to be revealed skin. First, you’ve got to collect 90 out of 100 Fortbytes! Let’s see how to get 49!

Fortbyte #49 Location

Fortbyte #49 will not require you to unlock any special gear from the Season 9 Battle Pass. You can go into the game with any skin, glider, emotes, etc. that you want.

For this Fortbyte, you’ll be heading back into the frozen wastes of the southwest. Trog’s Cave is not located anywhere near named locations, but does have some houses nearby for loot.

Once you arrive at the location marked on the above map, steer yourself into the big hole in the ground. You’ll gently land inside the cave that houses the Fortbyte.

There’s not much to Trog’s place and the collectible is pretty easy to find. Look for the small wooden platform and shack, you’ll find the Fortbyte sitting on the ground level.

We highly recommend doing this challenge in Team Rumble because the spot is for far off from decent loot locations. Then again, if you are accustomed to passive drops, this might a perfect starting spot for a low-kill victory.

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