How to unlock Fortbyte #48: Accessible by using the Vox Pickaxe to smash the gnome beside a mountain top throne

Fortbyte 48 hit the Fortnite map on June 19th and you’ll be wanting to find it for your collection. We’ve got a detailed guide on how to reach this ‘out of the way’ Fortbyte.

Epic’s latest Fortbyte releases have been getting increasingly more difficult. The reason isn’t that the locations are any harder to find, but rather because of the higher Battle Pass tier requirements.

Today’s Fortbyte, number 48, is no different. For a chance at the exclusive Fortbyte rewards, you’ll need yet another item from the Season 9 Battle Pass.

Fortbyte #48 Location & Information

Vox Pickaxe – Tier 55 – Season 9 Battle Pass.

First off, you’ll need to reach Battle Pass tier 55 in order to unlock this collectible. This will unlock the Vox Pickaxe cosmetic. Equip the pickaxe before hopping into a regular Fortnite game (or Team Rumble).

The ‘mountain’ mentioned in the clue is located in the snowy regions of Fortnite. It’s quite the large land feature and is located northeast of Happy Hamlet. Any long term player will recognize the location immediately.

Fortbyte #48 location.

The ‘throne’ is situated in the middle of three large trees. In reality, the throne is actually a toilet. The gnome statue is standing proudly next to the porcelain masterpiece on its right side.

All you have to do is swing your Vox Pickaxe at the gnome to destroy it. After doing so, the Fortbyte will pop up in its place, ready for pickup. This’ll put you one step closer to unlocking the secret skin at 90/100 Fortbytes.

You can see a great presentation of the location, the gliding path to the correct spot, and the smashing of the gnome in this video by Victrail.

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