How to unlock Fortbyte #30: Found somewhere between Haunted Hills and Pleasant Park

Owners of the Battle Pass for Fortnite Season 9 can find different puzzle piece-like collectibles around the map, with one unlocking each day.

With the end of Season 9 quickly approaching, that means yet another Fortbyte is available to unlock. Players who have purchased the Battle Pass for Season 9 can locate different Fortbytes around the map via location-based challenges or game-based challenges.

The latest byte, Fortbyte 30, unlocked at 9 am ET / 6 am PT.

Where is Fortbyte #30?

Each Fortbyte comes with a small clue to help players on where the byte is located. Fortbyte 30’s hint points players to the byte which can be “found somewhere between Haunted Hills and Pleasant Park.” The exact location of the byte is shown in the image below:

Fortbyte #30 is located between Haunted Hills and Pleasant Park.

Players do not need to equip a specific skin or use an emote, so they can head right to the location. We recommend grabbing the Fortbyte in the Team Rumble LTM in order to prevent an early-death. In case you are still having trouble locating the byte, check out the video posted below by our trusty friend HarryNinetyFour:

Have you been able to collect all available Fortbytes so far for Season 9, or are you waiting until the end of the Season?

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