How to unlock Fortbyte #20: Found at the center of any of the first three Storm circles

Epic Games has just concluded its long World Cup Qualifier process and will be taking a vacation before the Finals. Fortbytes will not be stopping, however. You can expect the same daily schedule of these collectibles.

Even if you are not a huge fan of collecting items, you’ll want to get at least 90 Fortbytes. For this feat, you’ll receive an exclusive skin by the name of ‘Singularity.’

June 23rd’s Fortbyte mixes things up a little with a new type of objective. While many Fortbytes are unlocked at a singular static location, #20 can be found in three different locations depending on match times.

‘Singularity’ – Season 9 Fortbyte Skin

Fortbyte #20 Location(s)

Well, Epic’s decided to flip the proverbial table on its head. Instead of a specific location as usual, Fortbyte #20’s location moves dynamically based on the current storm’s center.

You will not need any Battle Pass items unlocked to retrieve the chip. However, surviving the frantic ‘Hunger Games-esque’ fight in the center of the first three circles can be a difficult task.

If you are looking for a easy way to complete this challenge without any hassle, we simply suggest that you wait. By this we mean that you should just wait until next week or even two weeks from now to get this done. A majority of Fortnite players (who actively seek Fortbytes) will have completed the challenge by then.

We suggest a core mode for the challenge. Depending on how confident you are in Solos fighting, you might be able to breeze through.

We won’t be providing any maps or videos for this Fortbyte as the locations will change depending on Storm locations. We wish you the best of luck in completing number 20.

For additional Fortbyte guides, head to our dedicated hub article. Once there, you will find a full list of every available Fortbyte along with links to challenge guides.

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