How to unlock Fortbyte #19: Accessible with the Vega outfit inside a spaceship building

Epic’s Season 9 Fortbyte challenges keep on pouring in as number 19 lands on the Fortnite map. We’ve got a guide to help you find the new addition as quickly as possible.

Fortbytes are rectangular, computer chip-like collectibles that can only be collected by Battle Pass owners. Epic Games releases a new one for players each and every day.

The latest one is Fortbyte #19 and will have players using a specific Season 9 skin in order to unlock the Fortbyte.

Fortbyte #19 Location Information

Fortbyte #19 has a special requirement for players to unlock before they can collect it. As with some Fortbytes in the past, you’ll be required to unlock a Battle Pass skin.

The skin in question for this challenge is the ‘Vega’ outfit. It’s a great looking, futuristic skin that is a worthy addition to any Fortnite player’s Locker.

The skin is unlocked at Tier 47 of the Season 9 Battle Pass. As for the space building mentioned in the clue, here’s where you should head:

Fortbyte #19 Location

The Fortbyte is located inside of the metal build ‘spaceship’ building. It’s located on the other side of the road from a small house & barn.

The building can be easily seen from distance. The material used for the building is the same as you would use when building metal structures.

The top of the building features a landing pad/lookout post. You’ll want to land there and then quickly edit yourself down one level. The Fortbyte will sitting there waiting for you in front of two open metal windows.

For a more accurate look at where to find the Fortbyte, here’s a video from ‘wolker4‘ showing the landing and pickup spots.

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