How to unlock Fortbyte #14: Found within an RV park

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9 Battle Pass owners have access to the special Fortbytes, which are little, hidden encrypted puzzle pieces found all around the map.

We are now officially halfway through Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9, which means there are still challenges to complete. Every day there is a new Fortbyte that becomes available for players to locate through location-based challenges.

The latest Fortbyte to unlock was 14, which became available on June 15.

Where is Fortbyte #14?

This Fortbyte does not require a specific Battle Pass level, emote, or skin like others, so players can drop right to the location. Fortbyte #14 can be located between Lonely Lodge and Mega Mall, where the RV park is located.

Fortbyte #14 Location.

The small puzzle piece can be found next to the green van that has a table placed outside, next to a tree. If you are still having difficulty locating the piece, check out the image below with the exact placement.

Fortbyte #14 Location.

We recommend dropping into a Team Rumble game in order to collect the Fortbyte so you can have some extra time to locate the piece.

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