How to unlock Fortbyte #12: Accessible by using the Nana Nana Spray inside a molten tunnel

While Fortbyte challenges may be getting dull at this point, their completion is still worth it for exclusive Season 9 rewards. As with other recent chips, number 12 will require you to reach a certain Battle Pass tier.

Fortbytes continue to play a major role in daily Fortnite as we inch towards Season 10. Though not mandatory, the little collectibles can net you rewards which cannot be unlocked after the end of Season 9.

Similar to some weekly challenges, Fortbytes require the player to head to specific location and pick up a computer chip. In order to retrieve number 12, you’ll need to get a little heated.

Fortbyte #12 Location

For Fortbyte 12, you’ll be required to unlock the Nana Nana Spray. This spray is an item found in the Season 9 Battle Pass at Tier 57. Equip the cosmetic into your emote wheel before venturing into a game.

As the clue suggests, you’ll want to head towards the Volcano’s lava trail. The tunnel in question has been in Fortnite BR since the very beginning.

Fortbyte #12 Location.

This passage is located to the southwest of Pressure Plant. It’s the same tunnel that used to be located close to the now destroyed Tomato Town. In Season 8’s release, the climate of the location has gotten considerably hotter.

Land at the entrance to the tunnel and head inside. We recommend bringing a building materials unless you are fine with taking a little lava damage. The Fortbyte isn’t hard to find once you’ve entered.

Venture down the concrete tube until you reach the metal door that leads to the surface staircase. The Fortbyte will be located on an askew piece of asphalt before the metal door.

For the video perspective of the challenge’s process, here’s some exquisite footage from YouTuber PunchNshoot:

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