How to unlock Fortbyte #06: Using the Yay! emote in the desert

Fortbyte challenges come in a wide variety of differing location and pick up requirement. The ‘sixth’ of these little computer chips will require the player to use another emote from among the Battle Pass tiers.

Epic releases a minimum of one Fortbyte per day and have not let up on that promise since the v9.00 launch.

Since then, we’ve been creating guides left and right to ensure that our fanbase can get their Fortbytes quickly and without hassle. Let’s look at the number 06!

Fortbyte #06 location

We have not created guide on this gem yet and wanted to ensure our list was filled in with every available Fortbyte guide.

In order to pick up #06, you will need to first unlock the ‘Yay!’ emote in the Season 9 Battle Pass. Then, equip it into a quick use slot for ease-of-use. The emote is unlocked at Tier 14.

Thought it is a free Battle Pass unlock, the Forbyte can only be picked up by players with the Battle Pass purchase.

Alright, you’ll need to head to the desert as the clue for #06 suggests. The ice cream shop is located directly to the west of the ‘Racetrack’ location. Here’s a map showing the shop:

Once you land inside the shop, the Fortbyte is quite obvious. It literally sits in the very middle of the room along. Clear some of the tables and counters if you have trouble locating the Fortbyte.

We’ve made a short video of the surrounding area while dropping into the map and picking up the Fortbyte inside the shop. We hope this and the map above will help you complete this challenge quickly!

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