How to unlock Fortbyte #02: Found hidden within Loading Screen #6

June 16 unlocked two Fortbytes for players to unlock, #30 and #6, respectively, and we were able to find the locations for both!

Each day there is normally one Fortbyte that unlocks, however, on June 16 players saw two different bytes becoming available for players to collect and unlock. Fortbyte’s are collectible Season 9 exclusive items only available for Battle Pass owners.

Fortbyte #2 can be located within Loading Screen #6.

Where is Fortbyte #2?

Each Fortbyte includes a hint to help point players to the byte’s location. For Fortbyte #2, players do not need to equip a specific skin or emote, so they are free to land right on the Fortbyte. Fortbyte #2 is located within Neo Tilted, in the building with the holographic timer.

Fortbyte #2 is located within Neo Tilted.

Once players land right on the building, it will be sitting underneath the tall antenna. If you are still having trouble locating the Fortbyte, check out the walkthrough video by iScenario:

If you are looking to fill up your Sunday with Fortbytes, check out our complete list of all available Fortbytes for Season 9.

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