How to get the Harley Quinn skin, styles, and pickaxes in Fortnite

Find out how to get the Fortnite Harley Quinn skin, styles, and pickaxes.

Epic Games has extended its partnership with DC and Warner Brothers to promote the new movie, Birds of Prey. The central and most popular character in the movie, Harley Quinn, has received a Fortnite skin to mark the occasion.

Harley Quinn joins Batman as the two DC characters to make their way into Fortnite. Her skin, selectable style, and pickaxes will make their way into the Item Shop tonight, February 6, at 7 PM EST.

Epic has announced the Harley Quinn Bundle, which will include all of the cosmetics shown below. You’ll get the Harley Quinn outfit, Harley Hitter and Punchline pickaxes, and an unlockable style for the skin.

The outfit comes with three challenges you’ll need to complete to unlock the ‘Always Fantabulous Harley’ variant. The challenges include:

  • Place top 30 in Solo, Duos, or Squads, then top 20, then top 10 (0/3)
  • Hit weak points (0/100)
  • Deal damage using Pickaxes (0/100)

Hitting weak points is going to be more difficult than it sounds. One of the new bugs in the v11.50 patch causes weak points to fail to register. It’s going to take a while to hit 100, at this rate.

The Harley Quinn bundle will be in the Item Shop until February 17. Birds of Prey officially opens on February 7.

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