How to get free Komplete skin & cosmetics for Fortnite Summer Smash Cup

Epic Games have released some brand new Summer Smash Cup cosmetics for Fortnite Battle Royale and if you would like to get your hands on them, we’re going to run through how to do just that. 

A number of fresh skins have been revealed for the game’s second chapter, not to mention new styles – as seen in the Cameo vs Chic Overtime challenge rewards – and a boat load of different cosmetics as well.

To celebrate the game being featured at the first major event of the professional tennis calendar, the Australian Open, the developers have released some limited time rewards for players to collect and they look insane.

Fortnite rewards for Australian Open Cup

Here are the rewards up for grabs in Fortnite’s Summer Smash Cup.

Between February 1 and 2, Epic will be adding a brand new competitive Summer Smash Cup event for fans to play through, and the rank that you achieve will determine just how good your rewards are. These will be available on OCE and Asian servers, meaning just players from those regions can take part.

This links up with a competitive tournament held on the same dates, revealed on January 29.

In an official statement, Epic said: “For the second year, Fortnite will be featured at tennis’ first Grand Slam event of the year, the Australian Open. The best of OCE will take on some of the biggest names from NA, Asia, Europe, and LATAM in a Saturday Trios Pro-Am ($100,000 AUD charity prize pool) and Sunday Solo competition ($400,000 AUD prize pool) at the Australian Open Summer Smash featuring Fortnite.”

How to get Komplete skin, Street Shine pickaxe & Paint Splash wrap

It’s worth noting that entrants must also be at least level 15 in Fortnite, with two-factor authentication set up in their Epic Games account. Once you’ve jumped over those hurdles, though, you can start playing and hopefully grab some decent rewards to boot.

Below is a table of rankings and relevant rewards, showing what you have to do to pick up each of them.

Fortnite rankings for Summer Smash Cup rewards

Epic Games have laid out the boundaries for rewards.

This means that to get the skin itself, you’ll need to be good enough to land in the top 10% of players taking part in the Solo Summer Smash Cup, while other rewards will be distributed for the top 25%, 50% and bonus sprays even being handed out for general participation.

If you think you have got what it takes, and are eligible to compete, good luck in your mission to claim all of these rewards! Clearly, scooping them all would prove how good you really are.

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