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How to earn Twitch drops watching Fortnite Australian Open Summer Smash



Fortnite is making a return to the Australian Open for yet another year, with a solos event that kicks off on February 2. There’s also exclusive Twitch drops to be earned.

Fortnite will be featured at the first major tennis event of 2020 once again, and many of the battle royale’s top players will be there to compete in the $400,000 Sunday Solo competition.

Following the Celebrity Trios Pro-Am tournament on February 1, many of the biggest names in Fortnite will be battling it out solo for their share of the massive prize pool.

Fortnite is making its return to the Australian Open for the second year in a row.

Australian Open Sunday Solo stream

The Solo competition is scheduled to start at 1:30 PM AEDT/02:30 AM GMT/9:30 PM ET/6:30 PM PST on Sunday, February 2.

The event will be broadcasted live on the Australian Open Twitch Channel and fans will be able to earn in-game drops from watching the stream.

Watch live video from AusOpen on

Viewers will need to ensure their Twitch channel is linked to their Epic Games account in order to receive these in-game item drops.

You can link your Epic Games and Twitch accounts here. After logging in you should see an option to connect your Twitch and Epic Games account, making you eligible for the drops.

The earnable drops are likely to include some in-game cosmetic items such as sprays, skins & more, and those playing on Oceanic or Australian servers can also earn rewards through competing in the Summer Smash online cup.

The Summer Smash event is not the only Fortnite competition that is taking place this week, as many of the biggest Fortnite stars also took part in the Twitch Rivals StreamerBowl which saw Clix and Tarik Cohen take home the trophy.

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Fortnite’s Third Rarest Pickaxe returns to the Item Shop after 1,114 Days




Only one day after the one of the rarest Item Shop Gliders returned, the third rarest Pickaxe, Persuader, is now also available after 1,114 days.

The return of the Pickaxe was largely unexpected, especially following yesterday’s release of the ‘Fighter Kite’ Glider after 1,222 days. Last seen on January 23, 2019, the Persuader Pickaxe hadn’t been sold since Season 7 of Chapter 1 – when Item Shops contained an average of 10 Items.

The updated list of rarest item Shop pickaxes is as follows:

  • Drumbeat (last seen 1,256 days ago)
  • Turbine (last seen 1,156 days ago)
  • Tooth Pick (last seen 1,107 days ago)
  • Armature (last seen 1,079 days ago)
  • Empire Axe (last seen 1,078 days ago)
  • Flimsie Flail (last seen 1,075 days ago)
  • A.X.E. (last seen 1,074 days ago)
  • Angular Axe (last seen 1,074 days ago)
  • Death Valley (last seen 1,057 days ago)
  • Bottom Feeder (last seen 1,047 days ago)
The Drumbeat Pickaxe (last seen1,256 days ago)

The full Item Shop for today can be viewed here.

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How to unlock Fortbyte #22 with the Rox Spray in an underpass




Each and every day, Epic Games releases at least one additional Fortbtye for Fortnite Season 9 players. Number #22 will require players to use one of the Battle Pass items to their advantage.

You can view all the Fortbyte Challenges and how to obtain them here.

Regular Battle Pass Challenges can often times repeat across seasons and Epic has been searching for ways to spice up challenges. Their experiment with Fortbytes may be something they will continue with in the future.

Fortbyte challenges include a wide variety, but those added after the Season 9 launch mostly include location based challenges. Some of these even require players to Battle Pass skins and other cosmetic items.

Fortbyte #22 Location

The clue for number #22 is quite vague and does not give players any real sense of where to head. There are several underpasses located around the Fortnite map.

The underpass that you will want to head to is located in Neo Tilted. Similar to Tilted Towers, the new location includes a roadway that comes from Shifty Shafts and passes under some of the city.

Fortbyte #22 Location Map.

Once there, you will want to go beneath the bridge/overpass of Neo Tiled. There you can find a little corner in the underpass. The Fortbyte, like all the others, can be spotted from a distance. However, in order to pick the Fortbyte, you will need to use the Rox Spray.

The Rox Spray is unlocked at Tier 5 of the Season 9 Battle Pass. For quick access, we recommend that you equip it into a quick use slot. Cycling through dozens of emotes and sprays can take a while and you never know when some opportunist will come looking for a kill.

Here’s a picture showing the pinpoint location of the Fortbyte:

Fortbyte #22 in Neo Tilted’s underpass.
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