How to compete in the Fortnite $100,000 Duos Luxe Cup

Epic Games has taken to Reddit to provide players with information for the upcoming Luxe Cup which takes place March 30th & 31st. Luxe Cup, March 30th & 31st, $100,000 in Cash Prizes! Duos Game Mode, Participation in this event requires players to have reached Contender League in Arena play prior to the start of the event.

The prize pool will be distributed across all server regions, with official rules and details released later this week. March 30th – Round One: All Eligible Players, March 31st – Round Two: Top 3000 Players from Round One.

Hey folks,

Wanted to give a quick update on the Duos Luxe Cup this weekend.
First, a reminder that all players who compete in the Final Round of the Luxe Cup and other upcoming cash prize tournaments will be required to enable 2FA and link their account to an Epic ID. You can do so by following our guide here:

Also, to be eligible to participate in any Luxe Cup match, a player must be at least 13 years old (or such other age, if greater, as may be required in such player’s country of residence). Minors must have permission from a parent or legal guardian in order to participate in the Event. All competitors will also be required to acknowledge and accept the official rules in-game before playing. Players must also have a minimum Account Level of 15.

Players who place in the Contenders League in Arena Mode will unlock this event in-game. The Luxe Cup will occur across two rounds – Round One (Semi-Finals) on Saturday and Round Two (Finals) on Sunday. Each round will be its own 3 hour session. Hop into the Events tab to find out the times available for your region. Participants will also only be able to play a maximum of 10 matches during each session.

Epic Games

The top 1500 teams in each region at the conclusion of the Semi-Finals will advance to the Finals the next day. After the Finals have concluded, the top ranked eligible teams in each region will be awarded the following prizes:


2nd – 3rd$3,000
4th – 5th$2,000
6th – 8th$1,400
9th – 10th$1,000
11th – 22nd$600
23rd – 30th$200


2nd – 3rd$1,600
4th – 5th$1,000
6th – 8th$600
9th – 10th$200


2nd – 3rd$3,600
4th – 5th$2,800
6th – 8th$2,000
9th – 10th$1,200
11th – 22nd$800
23rd – 30th$400


2nd – 3rd$800
4th – 5th$400
6th – 8th$200


2nd – 3rd$1,500
4th – 5th$650
6th – 8th$200


2nd – 3rd$1,500
4th – 5th$650
6th – 8th$200

We’ll have full Luxe Cup official rules coming soon to

Best of luck!

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