Has Dusty Divot become the best place to land in Fortnite?

Everyone already has their favorite landing spots, but Dusty Divot should now be in consideration for your drop.The new construction site at Divot created a hole which doesn’t seem that important. That is, until you realize the hole is literally glowing orange from all the chest spawns in it.

Myth went to the Playground to show the absurd amount of chests available at the location.

That is a whole lot of chests. There are ten in just that picture alone.

Now, that is in Playground, so those are only spawn points and not all of those chests will be in a game, but having ten spawns that can be captured in a single screenshot is absurd.

I’m actually pretty sure there is at least one more on the floor hidden by the cliff with the excavators on it. The only problem with this nice bit of intel is that Myth has nearly 1.5 million followers so there’s a decent chance someone else in your lobby may have seen his tweet.

Still, Dusty Divot is not usually one of the landing spots people are quick to say is their favorite so you may still be able to get a piece of this cornucopia with relatively little competition. Compared to dropping tilted and fighting over those chests, this seems like a great alternative.

Looking at the map of chest spawns for Season 8, Dusty Divot suddenly catapulted from an afterthought into one of the richer locations:

Add the new ten and include the seven just to the North and Dusty suddenly has 26 chest spawns in a central map location. That is more than every location except for Tilted Towers and Happy Hamlet. Dusty also comes with plenty of materials to farm and little worry about the storm, making it a great place to land right now.

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